Welcome to The Analytical Life

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by. This site is dedicated to providing the tools, resources, and framework for living a better, more analytical life. You might be interested in it if you:

  • Have read a personal finance blog and are interested in how to apply similar principles to other areas of your life.
  • Are curious about how best to best leverage the massive amounts of personal data we now have access to.
  • Have ever struggled to start a new habit, or kick an old one.
  • Want to achieve more of your goals.
  • Want to live a life that’s more aligned with your goals and values.

Why The Analytical Life?

I’m struck by how many bad ideas there are in the world, and want to chip in some good ones. I’m also struck by the amount of great ideas out there, and I want to develop a framework that seeks to identify the common principles across these good ideas. I call it The Analytical Life because I believe that effective analysis is essential to any self-improvement effort.

Rather than beating you over the head with what I think you should value and care about, The Analytical Life is designed to give you the framework to determine your goals and values, and then design your life and pursuits around these. I think we can all agree that there are plenty of unhappy people out there (I call them Complainers), folks that either don’t know what they want or that can’t seem to orient their lives toward what they want. I want to help people discover and live the best life they can, whatever it might be: that’s The Analytical Life.

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